Fund Flakes works for you. Music, Dance, Theater, you name it.


With Fund Flakes, you’re offering families and supporters healthier, better products. First, you’ll be selling the eight exclusive Good Grains cereals that aren’t available in stores. We make these products ourselves, which include crowd favorites like Cocoa Num Nums, three delicious granolas, and the best oatmeal on the planet! You’re also offering two unique, specialty cereals. StaySteady is made for diabetes and weight management, and Love Grown cereals are all certified gluten-free. Lastly, we offer several hand-picked items to help boost your earnings, all from brands we absolutely love. You’ll be selling award-winning Klatch Coffee, two awesome snacks - Popcorn Granola and Coconut Clusters - and Miir mugs, which also have an international give back program. We’ve even created several top-selling packs that make ordering easier for your supporters. Packs also help you earn more!


First, you'll earn a 50% profit on our core products (which is most of the items we carry). Then, when supporters order items through our online form, they'll be prompted to add an additional donation to their order. Almost all supporters choose to donate, and 100% of those donations go straight to your group. Awesome! Even when your Quick Drive fundraiser is over, you can continue to earn on reorders, for life! Additionally, we know that one of the secrets to earning more is having an assigned Captain from your group. When your Captain registers your group, you'll receive our complete Communication Plan with everything you need to run a successful fundraiser. On top of that, the Fund Flakes Success Team is always available to you to personally provide support, help, and ideas throughout your fundraiser and beyond.


The Fund Flakes team is a group of real people, trying to make fundraising better. We’ve spent a lot of time raising money either for a group we were a part of or for our kids, so we know how it goes. We’ve worked hard to give you every resource you could need to run a successful fundraiser. If you think of something that would be useful that we don’t have, just call or text your representative and let them know! We’re happy to help.

Fund Flakes pricing makes sense. Our premium cereals sell for $6, $7, and $8 each, while still earning you 50%. We don’t add a ton of extra cost on your supporters. Our $8 granolas are the same or even cheaper than similar products in grocery stores because we wanted you to be able to reach more supporters with our price point. Still, the inclusion of big packs on our order page keeps your average order value high, so it makes sense for everyone. Plus, you’re offering supporters products that most families buy for their households anyway. You’ll be selling them better versions of items they already buy.

Lastly, you can't put a price on the time you take running a fundraiser. With Fund Flakes, we've made the entire process as easy and hands-free as possible. First, all orders are taken online. That means no paper order forms and no collecting money. We handle all of that for you! Plus, all orders are shipped directly to supporters' homes. Yep! You don't have to handle any product. No more chasing kids down to take home their items. It doesn't get any easier than that. As a captain, your only job is to promote, promote, promote!  At the conclusion of your fundraiser, we'll send you a complete recap along with a check for your earnings. Woo-hoo!


The Fund Flakes Quick Drive is a big push, 1-week fundraiser that works great with energized groups! It’s all online and the order window is only open for a single week. Once you pick a week for your Quick Drive, we'll set up your group's own custom landing page. The major advantage of a Quick Drive is that the whole thing can be done in several weeks.

Preparation is the key to success with a Quick Drive fundraiser. After we set you up with the unique URL order page for your group, you'll plan out all the ways you’re going to promote the fundraiser. That’s where the Fund Flakes team comes in. We’ll provide you with a complete Communication Plan full of fliers, banners, social share images, email language, and more! Our Quick Drive even comes with prizing so you can motivate your kids to participate!

Once your big week arrives, you’ll execute the plan you came up with in the beginning to ensure all families are aware the fundraiser is taking place. Supporters will be sent online to place orders. All online orders will then be shipped directly to their homes, so you don't have to handle any product. Additionally, when they order, they’ll be prompted to give an additional donation. Most supporters choose to donate, and 100% of that money goes to your group! Awesome! Do you want more information on running a Quick Drive? Let us know!


We do have a wholesale option that is as simple as it gets! You buy product in bulk, up front, and then sell it on your schedule. You’ll get the same profit margin of up to 50%. Wholesale is perfect if you just want to sell at a one-time event. It’s easy to order product through our site, and we can even provide tabling materials if you’d like. Easy-peasy!


Don’t worry about having every question answered right now. Once you register, we’ll reach out within one business day. We can’t wait to see if Fund Flakes is right for you. If so, we’ll be there with you to make it a success!