Fund Flakes is healthier, more profitable, and perfect for Scouts


Fund Flakes is perfect for scouting at all levels — for our dens, packs, patrols, troops, crews, lodges and more. It's all online and products ship direct, meaning you can earn from your supporters all across the country.


With Fund Flakes, you’re offering your kids, families, and supporters healthier, better products. First, you’ll be selling the eight exclusive Good Grains cereals that aren’t available in stores. These eight include all three Good Grains granolas, which are a huge hit with scouts. They work great for a mid-hike snack! Additionally, we recommend our Fifty-Fifty Oatmeal for your troop's next backpacking trip. You’re also offering two unique, specialty cereals, including one made for diabetes and weight management, and another certified gluten-free line. Lastly, we offer several plus items from brands we absolutely love. Miir Mugs are a scout favorite - especially the Happy Camper Yeti. Add in Klatch's award-winning coffee, and two awesome snacks - Popcorn Granola and Coconut Clusters, and you're set! We’ve even created several top-selling packs that help you earn more while make ordering easier for your supporters. 


It starts with earning 50% on our core products. Then, there are direct donations. Most supporters choose to donate, and you get 100%of those donations. That adds up quickly and can help you hit your big goal! Plus, Fund Flakes offers online reorders, for life!

Now, we know the key to a successful fundraiser is a dedicated leader. Once you've assigned a Captain, we work closely to help you set a goal, build your Success Plan, and then reach your goal. We'll ensure your leader has their compass ready to navigate! Our Communication Plan comes with all the materials you'll need to share your fundraiser with your supporters. We'll send you daily emails throughout the week of your Quick Drive to ensure you're on track. We're always available by cell and email to personally provide support, help, and ideas.


The Fund Flakes team is a group of real people, most of whom have scouting experience. Now, we have kids in scouting and want to take fundraising to the next level. After year's of raising money for our own kids, we took a deeper look at traditional fundraising and thought long and hard about how we could make it better.

First, we took all the hassle out of traditional fundraising. There are no more complicated paper order forms, no walking door-to-door, and no handling money. With a custom landing page, you simply send your supporters online to buy tasty cereal and more. Then, orders ship directly to their homes, so you don't have to handle any product. Plus, our Quick Drive fundraiser lasts just one week, so you can earn more in only 7 days! Once your fundraiser wraps up, we'll send you a check for all your earnings. Easy-peasy.

We've priced Fund Flakes right. Our premium cereals sell for $6, $7, and $8, while still earning you 50%. We did this so that your scouts can offer Fund Flakes items to more supporters. Plus, all of our products contain nothing artificial and our cereals have lower sugar contents than cereals you see in the grocery store. You'll be offering quality products at a good price. Plus, you’re offering supporters products that most families buy for their households anyway. Still, even with a lower price point, the inclusion of big packs keeps your average order value high, making Fund Flakes a win for everyone. And don't forget, you get 100% of direct donations! Most supporters choose to donate.

Upon the completion of your fundraiser, you'll get our Master Order Recap and a check for your earnings. We break down everything for you, including the amount made, top sellers, prizing earned, and so much more. Plus, we can track subgroups. If you're running a fundraiser as a council, we can further break down sales by troop with leaderboards and more. Now, there are lots of other reasons that Fund Flakes is better, and you can see them here.


The Fund Flakes Quick Drive fundraiser is all online and lasts just one week. Once you register and pick a week for your fundraiser, you'll receive the complete Communication Plan with everything you need to prepare for your Quick Drive. We'll provide you with a timeline and materials for sharing through emails, social media, flyers, and more. Our Success Team will build a custom landing page for your group and you'll be all ready to go within a few days! 

Once your big week is here, you simply send all the supporters you can to your custom landing page. They'll shop and order cereal, coffee, and more, and it will all get shipped directly to their homes. It's that easy! All you have to do is promote the fundraiser. Upon the conclusion of your Quick Drive, we'll send you a recap of your sales along with a check for your earnings. 


Our wholesale option is as simple as it gets! You buy product in bulk, up front, and then sell it on your schedule. We've seen scouts use this method for food at camps! You’ll still receive a 50% profit margin. Wholesale is perfect if you just want to sell at a one-time event. It’s easy to order product through our site, and we can even provide tabling materials if you’d like. Easy-peasy! You can see more information about wholesale here


Don’t worry about having every question answered right now. Once you register, we’ll reach out within one business day. We can’t wait to see if Fund Flakes is right for your scout group. If so, we’ll be there with you to make it a success!