All types! We built Fund Flakes to work for schools (PTA/PTO), arts programs (music, dance), sports leagues and teams, Scouts, youth groups, and more. If you have a group and are wondering if Fund Flakes might be a good fundraising fit for you, contact us and we'll help figure it out.

Here's a pretty good overview. The biggest selling points are that you can earn more (50% now, direct donations), and Fund Flakes is easier to run. With an online order form and direct shipping, you don't have to handle any product. It doesn't get much better than that!

On your Fundraiser, you earn 50% on cereals and 25-50% on other items. Visit our calculator to see how much you can earn!

You can run Fund Flakes as often as you want. Typically a group will do 1-2 big fundraisers per year. Just let us know what you're thinking, and we'll work hard to support your fundraising goals. Plus, don't forget that your supporters can keep ordering all year long at

Good Grains is our company – we make tasty, wholesome cereal. Fund Flakes is our fundraising program.


It's easy to get started with Fund Flakes. Just fill out the registration form, and we'll be in touch within one business day. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 1-888-665-0311 or

You bet! We have a sample pack for groups interested in running the Fund Flakes Fundraiser. Head here to request it - Sample Pack Request.

Nope! Registration is totally free, and we'll provide all your online resources. If you'd like to sample the product, we'll send those out to you free of charge.


When you sign up to run a Fund Flakes Quick Drive, we first set up a custom landing page for your group. The page will tell the unique story about why you're raising funds and more. Then, we'll send you a one-week Communication Plan with a timeline and all the resources you'll need to share about your fundraiser. Once you launch your Quick Drive, supporters will be sent to your landing page where they'll order cereal, granola, snacks, coffee, and more. All orders are then shipped directly to their homes, so you never have to handle any product. Once your Quick Drive is over, we'll calculate your earnings and send you a check. That's it! Easy peasy. Now it's time to earn on reorders. Keep promoting your Fund Flakes program with the resources we provide and you'll continue to earn, for life!  

Nope! However, Fund Flakes does sponsor a participation prize for every seller who gets at least one order. If you're a Scout group, we provide patches, and if you're another group we provide fun stickers. Since we track sellers on your order page, we'll just send you a list of participating sellers along with the prizes for easy distribution. If you're interested in running a full prizing program, we have that as well! Our prizing is different - it's quality items that your sellers will be excited about earning and you can feel good about providing. Just let us know when you sign up for your Quick Drive if you want more information on prizing. 

Yes! Our online order form tracks the seller for each order. When we send you the final recap, you'll see all orders broken out by seller. This is valuable information for programs like Scout Bucks or other prizing related to individual sellers. If you host Show & Sell through our Wholesale program, you'll need to track your own sales. We can provide a template for you to use.


Every order is shipped directly to the supporter. We've built direct shipping into our program so that you don't have to hassle with any product distribution. Just promote the program and earn!

We will collect payment for all online orders via debit or credit card only. Since everything is done online, you don't have to worry about handling any cash. Once your Quick Drive is complete, we will send you an order recap that breaks down your orders by seller and more. We'll then send you a check for your earnings. You'll receive your payment within a week or two of running your fundraiser.