All types! We built Fund Flakes to work for schools (PTA/PTO), arts programs (music, dance), sports leagues and teams, Scouts, youth groups, and more. If you have a group and are wondering if Fund Flakes might be a good fundraising fit for you, contact us and we'll help figure it out.

Here's a pretty good overview. The biggest selling points are that you can earn more (50% now, direct donations), and Fund Flakes is easier to run. With an online order form and direct shipping, you don't have to handle any product. It doesn't get much better than that!

On your Fundraiser, you earn 50% on cereals and 25-50% on other items. Visit our calculator to see how much you can earn!

You can run Fund Flakes as often as you want. Typically a group will do 1 or 2 Quick Drives per year and promote reorders year round.

Good Grains is our company – we make tasty, wholesome cereal. Fund Flakes is our fundraising program.


It's easy to get started with Fund Flakes. Just fill out the registration form to sign up. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 1-888-665-0311 or Once you sign up, you're ready to start right this moment. No meetings needed, no waiting. You can follow the Communication Plan steps and start now. Or, review the steps and plan ahead - whatever works for you.

You bet! We have a sample pack for groups interested in running the Fund Flakes Fundraiser. Head here to purchase it at 50% off — Sample Pack.

Nope! Registration is totally free, and we'll provide all your online resources.


When you sign up for Fund Flakes, you start by reviewing the Communication Plan and choose your start date of your Quick Drive. Once you launch your Quick Drive, supporters will be sent to where they'll order cereal, granola, snacks, coffee, and more. All orders are then shipped directly to your supporters' homes, so you never have to handle any product. Once your Quick Drive is over, you keep earning on reorders year round - we send your earnings monthly. That's it! Easy peasy. Keep promoting your Fund Flakes program with the resources we provide and you'll continue to earn, for life!  

We originally had prizing, but it complicated things unnecessarily. BUT, prizing can be a great incentive for your group - even something simple like a cool sticker for participation. We'll share ideas for prizing but leave that up to you as we found most group's prefer to customize it for their group anyway. It's not needed to run a Fund Flakes Quick Drive, but it can be helpful as part of your Communication Plan if you're up for it.

Why yes, yes we do. You can pre-purchase our products at a wholesale rate and sell them in person instead of online. If you have an event, or if your group traditionally does this with other products, it's a simple way to earn. Got a question about wholesale, reach out anytime.

Visit our wholesale page to register for this option.


Every order is shipped directly to the supporter. We've built direct shipping into our program so that you don't have to hassle with any product distribution. Just promote the program and earn! 

We have two incentives built in for your supporters where they can get flat rate shipping or free shipping when they reach those tiers. It also helps your average order amount to increase and they get more great products to enjoy!

You can say that people don't want to pay shipping and they don't have to - they can group an order with a friend too if they want to get their order for free shipping but don't want to order enough to get there. But, all-in-all, we've found that supporters love getting their items within a few days instead of within weeks (or months) like most fundraisers.

We collect payment for all online orders via debit or credit card. Since everything is done online, you don't have to worry about handling any cash. Once your Quick Drive is complete, you'll get your initial earnings on that first month's check. We'll then send you a check for your earnings year-round on all months with subsequent reorders.