All types! We built Fund Flakes to work for schools (PTA/PTO), arts programs (music, dance), sports leagues and teams, Scouts, youth groups, and more. If you have a group and are wondering if Fund Flakes might be a good fundraising fit for you, contact us and we'll help figure it out.

Here's a pretty good overview. The biggest selling points are that you can earn more (50% now, plus online reorders), and Fund Flakes is a healthier fundraising option. Also, people love it! Cereal, oatmeal, granola, and coffee are things people already buy, and ours are pretty much the best.

On your Fundraiser, you earn 50% on cereals and 25-50% on other items. After your fundraiser, your supporters can reorder online at where you'll continue to earn 50 cents per cereal and 5% on all other products for life. Visit our calculator to see how much you can earn!

You can run Fund Flakes as often as you want. Typically a group will do 1-2 big fundraisers per year. Just let us know what you're thinking, and we'll work hard to support your fundraising goals. Plus, don't forget that your supporters can keep ordering all year long at

Good Grains is our company – we make tasty, wholesome cereal. Fund Flakes is our fundraising program.


It's easy to get started with Fund Flakes. Just fill out the registration form, and we'll be in touch within one business day. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 1-888-665-0311 or

You bet! We have a sample pack for groups interested in running the Fund Flakes Fundraiser. Head here to request it - Sample Pack Request.

Nope! Registration is totally free, and we'll cover the cost of your initial order forms (and provide online resources, too). If you'd like to sample the product, we'll send those out to you free of charge.


Fund Flakes has three core fundraiser types - Classic, Quick Drive, and Big Box. For the Classic and Quick Drive, once your fundraiser is over, your group continues to earn year round as we redirect your fundraiser page to your earning page (where we ship direct after your fundraiser). To start, you choose a fundraiser type and which options you'd like - we'll talk through that with you. For Classic and Quick Drives, you'll set your earnings goal, pick a date range for your fundraiser, and work with us to get set up. From there, your group sells. At the end of your fundraiser, you'll submit one order to us, we send you the product, and your group distributes it. You can also opt-in for Show & Sell product delivery prior to your fundraiser. And, if you choose our Big Box program, that's a bit different overall as it's a wholesale ordering fundraiser. If not sure what's best for your group, reach out and we'll be happy to suggest a program suited for you.

Nope! We have an optional prizing selection ready to go if you want it, but if you'd rather not, that's totally fine. Just keep in mind that prizing helps increase your overall earnings. Plus, our prizing is different - it's quality items that your sellers will be excited about earning and you can feel good about providing. Most fundraisers have cheap junky prizes, but not Fund Flakes. We hand picked our prizing for both Scouts and all other Groups. We've focused on items that get our youth to put down the electronics, get outside, or learn something new. Our Prizing Program is part of our Classic Fundraiser.

Yes! For our Classic and Quick Drive Fundraisers, on both the paper order form and the online form, we track the seller. Complete your Order Entry Form and we'll provide a Master Recap report for orders broken out by seller. This is valuable information for programs like Scout Bucks or other prizing related to individual sellers. If you host Show & Sell, you'll need to track your Show & Sell either by the group or by individual seller. On your Order Entry form, you have the option to enter a total Show & Sell for your group, or break it out by Seller. For Big Box, if you want to track by seller, we can provide a template for you to use.


Once your fundraiser is complete, we arrange delivery to your group. If you are located in Southern California, you're welcome to pick up your order. We deduct the cost of shipping from your total earnings, and we offer a shipping offset discount from 5% to 100% depending on your total sales.

Once we receive your Order Entry Form (which includes all Order Taker and Show & Sell orders from your group), we provide a final recap report including your Online orders. Once you confirm, we will deliver all product together to your group. In your delivery, we include a Seller Breakout report which make it easy to split up product and prizing among your sellers.

We are happy to ship orders to your out-of-area supporters. Your supporters can choose to have the product hand delivered (free) by your sellers, or if out of the area, they can pay for shipping during checkout and we'll mail their order directly.


Typically, your seller collects payment for an order when they take the order. If a supporter writes a check, they should make that check payable to your group. At the end of your fundraiser, the Captain (your fundraiser leader) typically collects all order forms and money. From there, you can make one large order for the products from us using the Order Entry Form. We'll then send you the Master Order Recap with the total due to Good Grains. You'll send a check (payable to Good Grains) for the amount due to the following address:

Good Grains HQ
Attn: Fund Flakes
505 W. Allen Ave.
San Dimas, CA 91773

We will collect payment for all online form orders via debit or credit card only. When we reconcile your Master Order Recap, we'll provide your group with a total amount due, which adjusts for online orders. In the case that you receive more online orders than other types, you could end up receiving a check from us instead of you submitting a check for your final order.